February 19, 2020

Author: Jerry Brennan  

The Words Fact and Fake on Wooden Blocks. Guilt by Association – Public References and Their Impact on Your Security Career.

Likes, comments and references you give professional connections can have unforeseen consequences and can impact your security career.

Background or reference checks are a required step for potential candidates for any security job. But do you similarly vet professional colleagues or suppliers before you provide glowing endorsements of them?

In his February 2020 “Career Intelligence” column in Security Magazine, Jerry Brennan looks at the potential pitfalls of not fully understanding who you are providing a review for or what their possible agenda might be. Once the comment is made, you may have lost control of how, when and where your words are used. References you give publicly that include the name of your employer imply their endorsement, perhaps without their consent, and have the potential to flag you up to your legal department.

All of these issues have the potential to do damage to your both your security career and your personal brand.

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