October 30, 2018

Author: Jerry Brennan  

Persian Ceiling Glass Art by Dale Chihuly. Are you a Successful Brand?

A positive personal brand defines who you are and helps hiring managers see you as someone positioned for a successful security career.

Everyone has heard about the power of positive thinking. If you approach something in a positive manner, the odds will more likely be in your favor at the outcome. The same is true for your security career.

You may have an excellent education, great experience and a killer resume, but if you do not have a strategy to present yourself in the most positive way, your career can suffer. Early development of a strong personal brand can help you consistently move your security career in a positive direction across time.

A positive personal brand helps define who you are.

It clearly demonstrates what you are about and why an employer should hire you. It helps hiring managers see you as a candidate positioned for success. You carry it with you from employer to employer, expanding on your success while you continue to build and reinforce your brand.

Personal branding is not a trend. Previously you might have thought of your reputation and credibility as what we now think of as personal brand. Branding for job seekers was certainly elevated by leveraging technology through websites and social/business media outlets.

Taking your brand online can bring rewards, such as getting your information in front of the right people more quickly or learning about a new job opportunity almost immediately upon its creation. It also has its perils. 

There are new privacy laws rolling out around the globe that curtail what information companies can consider when they evaluate your suitability for a role. There are also new laws in certain US states that further restrict questions an interviewer can legally ask.

How do you best convey your brand to potential employers without you oversharing or they overstepping?

The answer requires work and the correct balance. It involves self-reflection, continual learning and growth together with a sound marketing plan. You must consistently advance your message to reinforce positive impressions of you. Development of a network of mentors, supporters and peers will be an additional source of strength and positivity throughout your career.

Being confident and positive in your personal branding puts you in situations where your brand speaks volumes for you. It shares the message that you are serious about your security career and will be successful in the security jobs you want.

Positive thinking and positive messaging yield great results.

For a more in-depth analysis and step-by-step suggestions for developing your unique personal brand, read Jerry Brennan’s recent 3-part series Personal Branding and Your Career in Security magazine. Published in July, August and September, they are available online now.

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