January 14, 2021

Author: SMR Corporate  

Rainbow colored filigree paper laid out in waves and shapes. The 2020 Asia-Pacific Compensation Survey.

Be a part of the definitive compensation benchmark for companies that hire security practitioners in the Asia Pacific region.

The 2020 Asia-Pacific
Compensation and Salary Survey

Security Management Resources® has once again partnered with the Asia Crisis and Security Group (ACSG) to develop and produce the Asia Pacific region’s most comprehensive salary and compensation survey.

Here is your chance to be a significant contributor to the definitive compensation benchmark for companies that hire security practitioners within the Asia Pacific Region.

The updated survey reflects changes in the industry and delves into the actual roles and responsibilities when comparing compensation profiles. Data submitted from early survey respondents have resulted in impressive emerging patterns.

The survey remains open until 04 February 2021, and we invite your participation if you have not already done so. Security, crisis, and continuity professionals who work and are resident in the Asia Pacific Region as well as organizations who have operations in the region are encouraged to contribute. 

We value your participation and suggest you additionally ask other practitioners with whom you work and who are also resident in the region to take the survey.

Participation is confidential and results are anonymized to ensure reasonable analysis while protecting personal data.

Please consider taking 15-20 minutes out of your day to add your valuable input.

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Thank you for your participation!

Survey results will be published in late March/early April 2021. ACSG members may visit the ACSG website to obtain their copy. Non-ACSG members who participate will be able to download a copy from the SMR site.

Questions? Contact SMR to learn more about the compensation survey.