Night view of Tokyo Skyline. SMR’s Recent Work in the Asia Pacific Region.
The True Measure of Our Success is the Happiness of Our Clients

Our extensive experience in the Asia Pacific Region ensures the success of your projects regardless of their locations.

Incense Cones. Countries SMR Serves Through Our Asia Pacific Region.
Working Globally . . . Connecting Locally

Our consistent success with projects across the Asia Pacific Region ensures client confidence - SMR knows your country well!


Located in Hong Kong, Security Management Resources® Asia Limited guarantees a team that knows exactly who you need and where to find them in the Asia Pacific Region.

Steel and Glass Architecture in Singapore. SMR Group is Recruiting for a Regional Security Manager.
Point of View
As the regional security and safety subject matter expert, you will collaboratively work to mitigate risk region-wide.
Eight red jets with contrails. Think in a Different Direction to Advance Your Security Career.
The complexity of directing security and risk management strategies today requires a re-evaluation of how security careers are managed. Should you be re-thinking the measurement of career success?