Candidate Login and Registration FAQ

Preferred Browsers:

There are several browsers that SMR’s Candidate Registration System works best with. They are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge V 80.0 (Chromium)
  • Safari*

*Safari may occasionally have variable results.

Error Messages:

  1. “An error has occurred in processing your request. Please try again (you may need to log back in.) If this problem persists, please contact the web site administrator.”

You may receive this error message if you are logging into the system for the first time or if you are returning to update a current profile. Often it is related to the type or version of the browser you are using when you attempt to login. Please see the list of preferred browsers above.

Other reasons you may receive this message are:

    • If you have blocked cookies. SMR’s Candidate Registration System uses cookies to maintain your secure connection while you are logged into it. These cookies are not saved once you exit the system. Please:

      • Enable cookies on your machine if you have them blocked, or;

      • Add the domain name “” to your trusted sites.

    • If you have previously saved your password and allowed your browser to automatically fill in the password field. Please ensure you are entering your password and not using the auto-fill feature. You can also click "Forget your Password" underneath the password field and the system will walk you through setting up a new one.
    • If your device’s operating system is one that is no longer supported.

If the error persists, please contact us and include:

    • A screen shot of the complete body of the error message to include the date/time and browser.
    • Tell us what device you are using (i.e. desktop, tablet, phone).
    • Tell us the type of location you were attempting to login from (i.e. home, work, coffee shop).

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