Security Management Resources® (SMR) has a far reach into the various security roles across industries. Our leadership team has impressive “real-world” experience managing senior-level corporate security programs across a wide range of industries.

Our ongoing dialogue with top talent in the security community means we have the most current intel on what is trending across the sector. We know what the most current risk management issues facing companies are today, and we provide hand-picked, perfectly matched candidates who are the most qualified to address your requirements in your specific industry.

Serving Diverse Industries

The comprehensive nature of our work is demonstrated by the successful security recruitment projects we’ve completed across many unique industries.

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • Charities, NGOs, Foundations and Cultural Institutions
  • Computer Technology and Telecommunications (Hardware, Software and Services)
  • Construction Sector
  • Educational Institutions
  • Energy, Oil and Gas and Utilities
  • Entertainment, Hospitality, Travel and Leisure
  • Food and Beverage
  • Government (Public Sector)
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing (Chemical, Consumer Products and Industrial)
  • Media and Publishing
  • Metals and Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Professional Services (Business and Consumer)
  • Real Estate, Housing and Property Management
  • Retail
  • Security Products and Services
  • Shipping, Transport, Warehousing and Logistics


SMR's Industry Voice

Industry Voice

SMR's Founder and Chief Executive, Jerry Brennan, was chosen by ASIS to lead the three teams that conceived of and updated the ANSI Standard for the position of Chief Security Officer (CSO).

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