Advanced planning is critical to adapting to changes within the Security and Risk Management functions of your company. Talent and Market Mapping that starts before a vacancy occurs allows you to quickly respond when the need arises. Security Management Resources® (SMR) can help you plan an agile, strategic response for filling sudden vacancies across a wide range of executive and professional level security management positions.

SMR’s unique, career-long relationships with security practitioners as they have progressed through their professional lives means we can quickly and strategically identify where the talent is, what their capabilities are today and what their future goals are. This offers you the ability to identify target groups and key individuals within the professional security community as you plan for change, expansion and additional security recruitment.

Talent Mapping

  • Analyze and Chart Current Assets

    We incorporate the methodologies used in our Organizational Alignment processes to give you an accurate picture of your current structure and recommendations for future staffing.

  • Inform About Target Groups or Individuals

    Our fully-customized proprietary database of top tier and professional level candidates allows us to generate real time global Talent Maps based on your criteria. Our deep reach into the professional security community ensures early identification of both passive and future candidates.

  • Generate a Talent Pipeline

    A group of already identified quality candidates allows the rapid acquisition of critical new hires when the need arises and we can help you build a pool of potential employees for positions that are regularly filled.

  • Provide an Overview of the Competition

    We will help you understand the qualities that attract and retain the best candidates in corporate and international security jobs elsewhere. This arms you with intel to level upcoming positions within your organizational structure and plan competitive compensation strategies for new hires.

  • Facilitate Well-Executed Succession Planning

    Planning for the smooth hand over of responsibilities is key to continuity. We will assist in identifying potential candidates for leadership positions within your security functions so you can chart successful transitions within your organization.

  • Help You Stay Connected

    Our extensive network of leaders and professionals in the security industry provides the opportunity to stay current with where security management talent is located so you can adapt to meet your changing requirements.

SMR's Consultants are Your Guides to the Talent Landscape

Our globally-located team is comprised of well-respected members of both the Security and Human Resources communities. Our propriety database is the most extensive in our niche market, and it informs us in real time about the status of the large, interconnected network of security leaders and professionals who have potential to play roles in your organization's growth. SMR's uniquely qualified team offers high caliber consultancy and invaluable information to ensure your organization stays one step ahead as you plan for the future.