Aligning your departmental structure with the staff that will help you grow is a critical exercise for security and risk management organizations in transition. Security Management Resources® (SMR) consultants have the business acumen and expertise to assist with building, structuring and leveling positions within your security program to best reflect your changing needs. We work closely with you to ensure the team you build supports your goals and your culture for optimum benefit.

Our Subject Matter Experts Help You Make the Best Decisions

  • Review

    SMR works with you to undertake a thorough review of your current structure and team dynamics.

  • Profile Your Assets

    Our proprietary process identifies skill sets relevant to the security discipline, and we use these to build you a more complete profile of your current assets.

  • Identify Gaps & Plan to Structure

    We help you determine gaps between your current staffing structure and what is necessary to move forward and remain competitive.

  • Focus on Keys for Success

    We help you ascertain success factors for each role.

  • Identify Leaders for Now & in the Future

    We assist in identification of key performers and provide a development strategy for candidates with future potential.

  • Real Time Data for Accurate Results

    We provide benchmarking data to correctly level the full spectrum of your security and risk related positions in addition to valid, real-time salary survey data in order to perform targeted compensation studies.

  • Plan for Success

    We provide clear recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of the staffing structure of your security team, helping you organize for success.

  • Identify Future Next Steps

    We advise on succession planning strategies.

Our Support Doesn’t Stop There

Once we have helped you chart a course, SMR will diligently search for the security leaders you need. Top talent know that SMR develops long-term relationships with our clients to staff positions internationally—and they stay connected. This ensures we consistently identify the most exceptional candidates for your positions.

Emerging Threats Can Alter Your Organizational Focus

Our roots in the Security and HR communities keep us abreast of changes and shifting priorities across global companies. Our level of engagement with both clients and candidates extends beyond the completion of a project; and that history allows us to rapidly assist with advice on a new direction — or a new hire. We help you respond nimbly to dynamic shifts in direction and our unparalleled access into the security community allows us to rapidly access the best candidates.