Security Management Resources® (SMR) has been providing clients with exceptional security leaders worldwide since 1997. The commitment and unique expertise of our team is key to our success in this niche market. Our service offerings and integrity further qualify us as a trusted partner when you’re designing, expanding or refining your security and risk related functions.

Unlike traditional executive search firms, our globally-based consultants work collaboratively to customize solutions for your ever-changing needs. We work seamlessly across borders to ensure you have exactly the right strategy and the right people to achieve success.

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We don’t simply work for you; we work with you, leveraging our expertise to design and implement the best solutions regardless of your company size or status. Read about our service capabilities. Then talk to us. We’ll help you elevate all aspects of staffing your organization’s security program to the next level...and keep it there.

Executive & Professional Recruitment 

Taking time to understand your organization’s risk function requirements is key to our successful recruitment of the skilled personnel that best fit your unique situation. SMR’s consultants use that intelligence to design and implement search strategies that maximize our deep reach into the security community. The results? We will secure the best possible candidates to assist you in reaching your goals.

Organizational Alignment

Aligning your security organization’s talent structure to optimize results is good business. SMR’s subject matter experts can help you achieve that goal through review and profile of your current assets, identification of gaps in key areas and structure of a forward strategy for your future. We’re plugged into real-world data, giving you access to current trends and ensuring you’re exceedingly competitive. This strengthens a strategy to help attract the talent you desire.

Talent & Market Mapping

As you plan for change and expansion in your organization’s security and risk related functions, key individuals within the professional security community can play pivotal roles. Identifying them means you can quickly respond when a need arises. Our career-long relationships with our candidates offer unique, instant snapshots of where your next great hire is likely to come from. Planning for succession — and success — just became effortless for you when you partner with SMR.

Transition Coaching & Mentorship

First impressions are critical, and SMR can help guide and mentor your just-acquired or recently-promoted security leader as they step into their new role and responsibilities. One-on-one discussion sessions assist in transitioning between sectors or industries and provide guidance on new processes and best practices. SMR’s team is exceptionally well-networked into the security community and we take great pride in helping your newest team member build key relationships for the future.

SMR’s Core Competencies

SMR combines the best aspects of an executive search firm with our focus on the security sector. The capabilities through which we achieve success in this pursuit set us apart.

Focus on Clients' Long-Term Success
From the inception of each recruitment we strive to ensure the best possible experience for both our customers and our client candidates. Reputation is Key.

Correlative Business Acumen and Industry Leadership
We are focused exclusively on Corporate and Information Security, placing top tier and professional level security practitioners in leading global organizations since 1997.

Unique & Deep Industry Knowledge and Sound Strategy
Our global team is comprised of well-respected members of the Security & Human Resources communities we serve, allowing us unparalleled access to the best candidates and resources.

Proprietary Candidate Tracking System
Our fully customized exclusive database contains the historical knowledge of candidates you want to meet while also offering the ability to immediately know the status of your projects.

Effective Communication
We listen carefully to our customers and candidates and believe that open, honest and transparent communication with all parties involved in a recruitment is key to the project's success.

Organizational Agility
We excel in our niche market, and as a small company our internal team is committed to achieving your goals quickly and with a high degree of success.

High Integrity & Trust
Our belief is that trust in one's recruitment partner is essential for success, and our robust internal ethics policies and data handling processes support this.


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Our New Positions

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