February 22, 2018

Author: Jerry Brennan

Row of people with one highlighted under magnifying glass. What do Your Social Media Endorsements Tell Employers About You?

Potential employers view your social media profiles to determine if you are the best match for a job. Are your likes, follows and endorsements creating the best impression?

As a security job seeker, you want your LinkedIn profile to be an outstanding representation of why you are the best choice for prospective employers. One way to achieve this is to consistently reflect your job history, qualifications and skill sets accurately.

Endorsements of your abilities from other LinkedIn users are a good tool to cement the idea of you being well qualified. However, these accolades can sometimes have unexpected negative effects. The rise of bots combined with bad behavior has injected some healthy skepticism into the question of whether all likes and endorsements are created equal.

A recent article published by Fast Company takes a closer look at the practice of skill endorsement on your LinkedIn profile. It contains advice you can consider when mindfully managing a profile of yourself that keeps your security career goals top of mind. The concept of more being better is not always sound.

Security professionals inherently know that people are not necessarily who they appear to be, and that is especially true online. It is impossible to ignore the deluge of news stories regarding bots, fake accounts and bad actors that have influenced recent current events. Organic development of your online reputation is critical and in some cases skepticism is warranted.

This investigative piece published last month by The New York Times is an in-depth look at social media’s black market. The stories it tells should give both prospective employers and candidates pause when they are evaluating each other across all social media channels. Management of your online reputation means you should vet and understand those who like, follow and endorse you.

Care and feeding of your social media presence should be a regularly-scheduled event on your calendar. It may require more effort than you are currently devoting to it, but the payoff will be a clear portrait of you, your capabilities and why you are the best match for any given job.

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