April 1, 2016

Author: SMR Corporate

Yacht and Crew in a Sailing Race

Trust. Integrity. Respect. Ethics. These are cornerstones of SMR’s daily practices.

They can be fleeting in today’s high-tech, digital world—but they are tested and illustrated through character, behavior and, ultimately, reputation.

At SMR, we value our good name as an ethical partner and we consider your privacy a sacred trust, whether spoken or written. We secure your information through data handling that meets or exceeds all international standards. Our strict policies show respect for intellectual property and support the protection of our clients’ and candidates’ best interests. This includes avoiding marketing methods that put your privacy at risk.

Overall, our culture of advancing ethical business practices is reflected through honest communication, transparency and follow-through. Our close-knit team of professionals is among the best you’ll find in the security recruitment field—not just in what we do, but in how we do it.

We invite you to review our Ethics Policy and learn about our Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship – all elements we view as critical components of your trust in us as a recruitment partner.