March 16, 2020

Author: Jerry Brennan

Colorful Graphic of the COVID-19 Virus. SMR Group Continues to Recruit for Security Professionals in This Challenging Time.

SMR’s long-standing investment in technology means our security recruitment work continues uninterrupted despite this challenging time.

The main component of recruitment is the human element, and I would like to take a moment to share how SMR is addressing the needs of our clients and candidates in this unprecedented time. SMR remains open and continues to work on both ongoing and new projects with the same dedication as always.

Across 23 years SMR’s recruitment efforts have been focused on security and risk management, so it is not surprising that many of the conversations we have recently had with our clients and candidates have been around COVID-19 and security professionals’ roles in the response.

Security and business continuity departments and practitioners are at the forefront of this battle in organizations and agencies worldwide, and they are our core customers. We have been privileged to work with many of the world’s leading organizations as they have created and built teams designed to address just these types of continuity crises.

An early investor in leading-edge technology, the SMR team has always had the ability to work remotely – and securely - while continuing to provide the level of customer service we are known for. This has never been more important, and I want to assure both clients and candidates that SMR remains open and working at full capacity to help you fill your critically needed positions.

One of the greatest pleasures of our business is meeting face-to-face, however we suspended in-person meetings and event attendance several weeks ago as the COVID-19 crisis evolved. We have long conducted interviews virtually and have been working with clients to facilitate time with candidates on an adjusted basis. This agile continuation of our security recruitment projects ensures our clients are poised to acquire top security talent both now and in the future.

Our hearts go out to those who have been impacted by this global pandemic. We are grateful for the bravery of the security professionals, healthcare workers, local communities and governments around the world as they respond and work to contain COVID-19.

The security practitioners who are at the heart of our recruitment and consulting practices have unique empathy for our clients and candidates. We are fortunate to consider a large majority of you our colleagues, friends and family. We stand with you at this difficult time and are grateful for the opportunity to assist.

Please stay in good health.

Jerry Brennan

Chief Executive, SMR Group

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