April 3, 2017

Author: Joanne Pollock

Roulette Wheel on Lucky 13. Resume Roulette.

What are the odds that your great looking resume or CV is being viewed by potential employers in its original format and as you intended? That depends on how you are choosing to apply for the security management job of your dreams, and not necessarily on how you structure your personal branding materials. How big of a gamble are you willing to take?

Your resume or CV is your main marketing document when you are seeking your next security management position. How are you being presented to potential employers when you register and upload your new resume with online job boards and aggregators?

When you make your resume available to employers through job aggregators, you likely agree to the terms and conditions of service for each of their sites. Have you read them? Both yours as a security job seeker and those related to employers.

Most of these services bury the fine print several clicks deep from initial screens, so you may have a difficult time locating them. They are worth reading and you should understand that making your history public in this way may mean your information is then generally available to employers, other job seekers and search engines, and that you no longer control its appearance or presentation.

Here are some of the things to consider when inputting your resume into a job search site:

  • Most aggregators strip any formatting and design from your resume. They favor uniformity over individuality thereby reducing any uniqueness. You become one of many.

  • You cannot customize the resume you submit to different types of jobs. It is typically a one-size-fits-all data dump unless you set up multiple ID’s on each site and submit a different resume for each ID.

  • Employers – not necessarily those you are interested in - can pay a fee for a resume service and spend as little as $1 USD to access your private contact details. You have become a profit center for the site.

  • Your current employer can find you. As a security practitioner, you know that a reasonably savvy investigator can reverse engineer the identity of a candidate by qualifications and experience without benefit of any contact details.

  • Information you choose to input is collected, analyzed, reported on, shared with other entities anywhere in the world and these data are sometimes sold as product offerings.

  • If the site displays advertisements, they will be targeted to you based on your activity on the site and what you have input.

  • Job listings will be presented to you based on similar criteria as advertisements, so you may see some positions but miss others unless you thoroughly mine the site. You cannot simply register and wait for the job opportunities to come rolling in.

  • Deleting your account may not be quite the final action you think it is. It often takes months for sites to purge you from their systems, and if your profile has been shared with other entities it could be out there forever.

  • Most job aggregators state they have no control over the job listings on their site and no responsibility for accuracy or availability of positions. They spider each other and the same job is often listed multiple times over extended periods of time even when it is no longer available.

  • Applying through the service doesn’t mean your resume has gotten to an employer. You should plan to always visit the hiring company website to validate a job listing.

Despite the considerations listed, utilizing job aggregators can have the desired positive outcome: you find and secure a new job. It is, however, a numbers game, and the down side is that you may lose control of your information. You will also need to be particularly careful that everything you publish from this point on anywhere is consistent with what is now permanently out there. The internet is, indeed, forever.

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