January 27, 2017

Author: SMR Consulting

Man redesigning organization chart. Organizational Alignment Opens Up New Hiring Possibilities.

Is the framework of your security organization designed to meet the evolving demands of your stakeholders? If not, consider realigning your structure to open up new hiring options.

Companies regularly evaluate their infrastructure with an eye to change and optimization. Recently we have seen a focus on security and risk management functions largely as a result of new and evolving threats.

Key areas of growth have emerged as security executives rethink their departmental structure:

  • More formalized insider threat program managers addressing a wide variety of risks.
  • Enterprise risk management and resiliency programs, sometimes integrated with the threat intelligence assessments proactively looking forward.
  • Cyber intelligence that not only assesses ongoing attacks but also does predictive analysis of emerging issues.

Heightened awareness together with the impact of legal liabilities associated with a cyber breach mean senior management and their boards are realigning their internal structures and placing a stronger emphasis on risk programs and roles. The result is a steady increase in traditional security executives playing a key role in developing an organization’s overall strategy to address these events. These security roles now have a seat at the table and can influence strategies.

Where do corporations go to benchmark what has become thought of as a converged function? There are very few truly converged shops, so there is not a lot to compare to at the moment.

SMR recently worked with one of our Fortune 100 clients to analyze their global security structure, helping to identify current and future needs in order to design a converged function. Opportunities for new hiring to better address changing requirements became clear, and this transition will continue to occur as these organizational alignments evolve.

Creation of new roles together with shifting reporting relationships will continue to have a positive effect on hiring within the security risk management community. Those who aspire to these roles will require business acumen and a solid understanding of enterprise risk across multiple functions in order to fill the emerging needs.

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