June 30, 2016

Author: SMR Corporate

Maui, Hawaii - Common Ground: An Interview with Jay Crawford, SMR Group Managing Director, Americas Region

Connecting with people is at the core of Security Management Resources’ business, and learning what we have in common with others is the first step in making those connections. With that in mind, we invite you to get to know a little more about the exceptional people who are behind the SMR brand in our new feature, “Common Ground.”

The first profile in this series is Jay Crawford, our Managing Director for the Americas Region, who has worked with SMR for close to 15 years.

  • Why did you choose the security profession?

    My time in the US Marine Corps centered on many areas in security. I was primarily responsible for Top Secret and other classified Information. Following an honorable discharge, my next job was an undercover investigator with the former Pinkerton National Detective Agency. I continued as a security practitioner as the work was always challenging.

  • What has your career path been?

    In my 52-year career in the security industry, I have held about every position, from Investigator to President to Entrepreneur. I’ve worked for many different-sized organizations. When I joined SMR, I transitioned from being a security practitioner to the human resources side of the industry. When I moved into the security recruitment arena, it provided an opportunity to look at the countless other security career paths my colleagues had taken. My previous experience helped me to both understand and advise employers’ hiring requirements.

  • What is the best professional/career advice you ever got from someone?

    Actually, the best advice was from my father when I was young. He told me if I was going to do something, whatever it was, to do it right or don’t do it.

  • What career advice would you share with others?

    My advice to employers is to partner and work closely with a specialist firm. Working with people who know the security industry and the people in it are the best ways to quickly identify the most qualified candidates.

    My advice to job seekers is to market their talent to employers in the best way possible: submit a letter and current resume that highlights their expertise as it relates to the position’s responsibilities and requirements.

  • How do you like to spend your free time?

    My wife Karen and I like to travel. In our retirement we have plans for several cruises and other travel the balance of this year. Between adventures we like to sit by the pool at home with a good book or spend time on Sanibel Island or other quiet beachfront property just chilling out!

  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

    We love Maui and have been to Hawaii several times staying on the islands and cruising. Cost aside I would have property there as well as in Florida!

Jay Crawford