April 1, 2016

Author: SMR Corporate

Smiling Businesswoman Interviewing Candidate

Walking the talk of true commitment to candidates like you is central to building career-long relationships.

SMR’s long-term investment in our candidates helps distinguish us from other executive search firms. When we work together to build an enduring alliance, we both benefit: SMR retains a valuable corporate asset…and your career trajectory is impacted in a way that can be profoundly positive.

We’ve made staying connected easier than ever. You may keep your information updated in our confidential Candidate portal; reach out through social media; and sign up to receive Job Alerts. We likely support the same industry organizations, so let’s make a point to look for one another at security management events!

If there is ever anything we can do for you - whether you just want to chat about the industry or have a more serious exchange about your career—remember that we are here for just that purpose. Our success is directly related to the positive experience you have with us. Contact us - we’re always happy to continue our conversation!