Firm beliefs lead to strong commitments. Ethics aren’t trendy – rather, they’re the underpinnings of enduring business relationships, and they’re at the very core of what we do. SMR is committed to fair operating practices and we observe and promote a high standard of ethical behavior in all of our dealings.

Our Commitment to Professional Ethics & Conduct

  • Professionalism

    Conduct all of our activites in a manner that reflects favorably on the profession.

  • Integrity

    Conduct business activities with integrity and avoid conduct that is deceptive or misleading.

  • Competence

    Perform all search and consulting assignments competently and with an appropriate degree of knowledge, thoroughness and urgency.

  • Objectivity

    Exercise objective and impartial judgment and give due consideration to all relevant facts related to each assignment.

  • Accuracy

    Strive to be exact in all communications with clients and candidates and encourage them to exchange relevant and accurate information.

  • Conflicts of Interest

    Avoid, or resolve through disclosure and waiver, conflicts of interest.

  • Confidentiality

    Respect confidential information entrusted to us by clients and candidates.

  • Loyalty

    Serve clients loyally and protect client interests when performing assignments.

  • Equal Opportunity

    Fully support equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates.

  • Public Interest

    Conduct activities with respect for the public interest.